Report IV: The University zone (part 1). Brussels by us, collective ideas for a smart future

Carina Veeckman, Laura Temmerman, Sven Lenaerts, Vincent De Waele

Onderzoeksoutput: Commissioned report


This report describes the first steps of the Living Lab methodology for the University Zone: the mapping of the stakeholders, the selection of themes, the set-up of the first co-creation workshop and the formulation of the questions for the mobile application. After the mapping of the stakeholders, it was chosen to continue with a selected group of stakeholders (VUB, ULB, Befimmo, Perspective.Brussels, the municipality of Ixelles, and SUA / U-Square). These stakeholders were invited for a first co-creation workshop around the following themes for the University zone: mobility, the smart campus, sustainability, co-creation of the university, international contacts of the university, 24/7 campus, inclusive campus “campus as a service”. The workshop was organized on 22/08/2019 and lasted for about three hours at the Silversquare building. During the workshop two creative exercises were organized to collect wants and needs from the participants around on-going or future projects. For each stakeholder, potential beacon interactions were identified for the Brussels by us application. The results from the co-creation workshop can be consulted in this report. Based on participants’ inputs, a first draft of questions was made by imec and reviewed by the stakeholders involved. After their review, the questions were programmed and released on the mobile application (VUB and Befimmo) – and launched mid-September until November 2019. The results of this campaign can be found in report 6.
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Plaats van productieBrussels
Opdrachtgevend orgaanSecretary of State in charge of Road Safety, Computing and Digital Transition, Equal Opportunities, Animal Welfare and Development Cooperation of the Brussels-Capital Region
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StatusPublished - dec 2019


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