Report V: The North Zone (part 2). Brussels by us, collective ideas for a smart future.

Carina Veeckman, Laura Temmerman, Sven Lenaerts, Vincent De Waele

Onderzoeksoutput: Commissioned report


This report describes stage 4 to stage 8 of the North zone Living Lab methodology (see Repot 1). During these stages, the campaign was launched to collect opinions on future and on-going projects in the North district. Therefore, different participatory tools were promoted to citizens to voice their opinions on social activities, commercial offers and the usage of the public space. In particular, opinions were collected on the multifunctional usage of the train station with the stakeholder NMBS/SNCB, collective spaces such as Brabant tunnel and Passage Rogier with the stakeholders and Sint- Joost-ten-Node, as well as of ground floors and rooftops with the stakeholder Befimmo. During the campaign period, around 180 people provided their opinion through the mobile application, through paper surveys during organised walking tours in the North district and through a digital touch screen. The analysis is provided in this report with its main highlights. The main outcomes of the campaign were discussed during a final co-creation workshop in September 2019 with around 19 participants. The goal of this workshop was to build a prototype for each of the above-mentioned cases, and to give concrete input to the involved stakeholders. Through creative exercises, the prototypes were co-created and finetuned in terms of potential activities, look-and-feel and infrastructure. Based on these suggestions, a visual design of each prototype was delivered and is presented in the last chapter of this document.
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Plaats van productieBrussels
Opdrachtgevend orgaanSecretary of State in charge of Road Safety, Computing and Digital Transition, Equal Opportunities, Animal Welfare and Development Cooperation of the Brussels-Capital Region
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StatusPublished - dec 2019


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