Nobelwind is the newest offshore wind farm off the coast of Belgium. In a continued effort to optimize future offshore wind farms Parkwind and OWI-lab have started a new research project at the Nobelwind site with the support of the Flemish government. In the project Nobelwind have teamed up with industry partners 24SEA and COM&SENS to improve the knowledge on offshore wind turbines.As part of the research project Nobelwind three wind turbine monopiles have been instrumented with optical strain gauges over the entire length of the monopile, pore water pressure and earth pressure sensors and inclinometers at specific locations subsoil. With this innovative set-up the project aims to better understand the dynamics subsoil, and validate new design methodologies, aiming to improve future designs. In addition, the sensors subsoil will be used to validate the concept of virtual sensing below the mudline, where strains over the entire substructure are predicted using accelerometers on the tower.Moreover, Nobelwind is the first Belgian offshore wind farm that uses a bolted connection instead of the classic grouted connection. This novel approach has still many unknowns that will be targeted by instrumenting selected turbines with intelligent bolts of which the loads in the bolt can be monitored continuously. Results will shed a light on the evolutions of the loads in the very large bolts of offshore wind turbines.
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