Resource Orchestration and Academic Entrepreneurship: Literature Review and Data Gathering Strategy

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Literature on Academic Entrepreneurship (AE) is mature, whereas the field of Resource Orchestration (RO) emerged recently from research on resource management and asset orchestration. In the context of AE, RO refers to all the processes AEs undertake in order to gather and allocate the resources needed, i.e. financial, knowledge, network or human resources, to execute the technology transfer process. While literature currently focuses on the theoretical integration of RO and AE, we aim to empirically investigate the combination of both concepts in a real-life setting. In our project, we will scrutinize in particular the initial steps of RO, i.e. searching, selecting and structuring resources as well as forming capabilities during the process of resource bundling, by Early-Stage-Researchers (ESRs) and AEs. The project's long-term goal is to answer the following research question: "How do AEs search, structure and bundle resources in the technology transfer process?" To answer this research question, we are building a longitudinal database on 14 ESRs, their team and their institution. We will be able to gather this data in the framework of a EU funded research project on Distributed Optical Fibre Sensors (FINESSE). In this paper, we present (1) a literature review on RO and AE; (2) descriptive data on the ESRs; and (3) a discussion on our instruments for longitudinal data gathering.
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StatusUnpublished - 2017
EvenementTechnology Transfer Society 2017: Annual Meeting - Washington DC, United States
Duur: 2 nov 20174 nov 2017


ConferenceTechnology Transfer Society 2017
LandUnited States


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