Respiratory medication sales and urban air pollution in Brussels (2005 to 2011)

An Van Nieuwenhuyse, Koen Simons, Tim Nawrot, Olivier Brasseur, Priscilla Declerck, Ronald Buyl, Danny Coomans, B. Nemery, Lidia Casas

Onderzoeksoutput: Unpublished paper


Background: Urban air pollution has a negative effect on respiratory disorders. We investigated the associations between daily sales of respiratory medication and air pollutants in the Brussels-Capital Region between 2005 and 2011. Methods: We used over-dispersed Poisson Generalized Linear Models to regress daily individual reimbursement data of prescribed asthma and COPD medication from the social security database against each subject’s residential exposure to outdoor particulate matter (PM10) or NO2 estimated, by interpolation from monitoring stations. We calculated cumulative risk ratios (RR) and their 95% confidence intervals (CI) for interquartile ranges (IQR) of exposure for different windows of past exposure for the entire population and for seven age groups. Results: Median daily concentrations of PM10 and NO2 were 25µg/m3 (IQR=17.1) and 38µg/m3 (IQR=20.5), respectively. PM10 was associated with daily medication sales among individuals aged 13 to 64 y. For NO2, significant associations were observed among all age groups except >84 y. The highest RR were observed for NO2, among adolescents, including three weeks lags (RR=1.187 95%CI: 1.097-1.285). Conclusion: The associations found between temporal changes in exposure to air pollutants and daily sales of respiratory medication in Brussels indicate that urban air pollution contributes to asthma and COPD morbidity in the general population.
Originele taal-2English
StatusUnpublished - 17 jun 2016
EvenementEuropean Respiratory Society 2016 - London, United Kingdom
Duur: 3 sep 20167 sep 2016


ConferenceEuropean Respiratory Society 2016
Verkorte titelERS
LandUnited Kingdom


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