Retailing of the future: Can on- and offline enrich each other?

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This talk presents an overview of how on- and offline retailers can learn from each other and how technology is key in searching for sustainable competitive advantages. First, we focus on offline retailing. The unprecedented rise of online shopping has implications for bricks-and-mortar retailing. This talk presents an overview of how digital opportunities can augment the shopper's in-store experience, along and beyond his/her path-to-purchase. A systematic literature review of the ACM database results in an encompassing inventory of retail technologies that can offer traditional retailers with a basis for differential advantage. This inventory is discussed in terms of (1) stage in the path-to-purchase when the technology is likely to prevail, and (2) type of customer value it mainly offers (e.g., utilitarian vs. hedonic). Second, we address online retailing. After all, e-commerce is still not uniformly adopted by all shoppers nor to the same extent in all product categories. A major shortcoming is the lack of sensory input while shopping online, leaving shoppers with substantial perceived risk, which in turn can result in online shopping cart abandonment altogether. A systematic ACM literature review sheds light on what sensory-enabling technologies (SETs) exist, that may help online retailers to augment the shopping experience online. This pool of SETs is translated into potential specific marketing applications for online retailers. We conclude with a research agenda for both HCI- and marketing researchers, on both on- and offline retail technologies.
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