RINspector: a Cytoscape app for centrality analyses and DynaMine flexibility prediction

Guillaume Brysbaert, Kevin Lorgouilloux, Wim Vranken, Marc F Lensink

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Motivation: Protein function is directly related to amino acid residue composition and the dynamics of these residues. Centrality analyses based on residue interaction networks permit to identify key residues in a protein that are important for its fold or function. Such central residues and their environment constitute suitable targets for mutagenesis experiments. Predicted flexibility and changes in flexibility upon mutation provide valuable additional information for the design of such experiments.

Results: We combined centrality analyses with DynaMine flexibility predictions in a Cytoscape app called RINspector. The app performs centrality analyses and directly visualizes the results on a graph of predicted residue flexibility. In addition, the effect of mutations on local flexibility can be calculated.

Availability: The app is publicly available in the Cytoscape app store.

Contact: guillaume.brysbaert@univ-lille1.fr.

Supplementary information: Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.

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StatusPublished - 15 jan 2018

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