Samfélagsrýni og gamlar hættur: um Kierkegaard og vangaveltuþjóðfélagið

Gudmundur Thorbjornsson, Henrý Alexander Henrýsson (Redacteur)

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"The Modern Self and the Dangers of Old: Kierkegaard and the Present Age."

In Kierkegaard's A Literary Review from 1846, there is an interesting chapter
on his depiction of the present age. His view on leveling, the public and the
press serve as a thought-provoking point of departure for those interested in a
comparative analysis of modernity and post-modernity. In this article I focus on
writings on alienation in the nineteenth century; the birth of the free press and
its role in creating what Kierkegaard called "a monstrous abstraction", the public;
Heidegger's das Man and it's similitude to Kierkegaard's view of the sociopolitical;
and, finally, thoughts on our own ideological self-image in the early
twenty-first century, with social-networks and the Internet in the background.
Looking at our times through the glasses of Kierkegaard, we can ask whether the
individual is still lost in passionless self-reflection, and whether the twenty-first
century is even more likely to host the alienated and isolated individual, then the
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StatusPublished - 26 dec 2012

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Henrý Alexander Henrýsson


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