scRNA-sequencing of mouse tumors reveals a novel DC-neutrophil interaction

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cDCs represent a heterogeneous cell population that needs further investigation in cancer to converge existing knowledge about them from literature in a cancer context. Although several cDCs subsets have been identified in mice and humans in steady-state and inflammation, their concurrent and comprehensive understanding in different mouse tumors is lacking. Hence, we use cutting-edge techniques to show that cDCs in different mouse cancers correlate with those described in other conditions in the literature. In our meta-data, we also observe the potential interaction of DCs with neutrophils. Using CITE-sequencing and flow cytometry, we provide a comprehensive overview of this novel DC interaction at the transcript and protein levels. We visualize the interaction further by imaging flow cytometry and microscopy. In addition, we also show their spatial distribution in the tumor microenvironment (TME). Further investigation could help us understand this lesser-known DC-neutrophil interaction, which could be harnessed in developing immunotherapies against cancer.
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StatusPublished - 19 okt 2023


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