Search for a meteoritic component within the Chicxulub peak ring impact melt rocks: implications for the fate of the projectile

Jean-Guillaume Feignon, Toni Schulz, Ludovic Ferrière, Steven Goderis, Sietze Jan De Graaff, Pim Kaskes, Thomas Dehais, Philippe Claeys, Christian Koeberl

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TitelICF-CIRIR 2022 conference abstracts
UitgeverijCenter for International Research and Restitution on Impacts and on Rochechouart
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StatusPublished - 2 jun 2022
EvenementInternational Congress-Festival - CIRIR - 2022 - Rochechouart, France
Duur: 28 jun 20223 jul 2022


ConferenceInternational Congress-Festival - CIRIR - 2022
Verkorte titelICF-CIRIR
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