Simultaneous Determination of Plasma Concentrations of Proinsulin,C-Peptide, and Their Ratio with a Trefoil-Type Time-Resolved Fluorescence Immunoassay

Pieter DE PAUW, Ilse Vermeulen, Ogonnaya Ubani, Inge Truyen, Evilien Vekens, Farah Van Genderen, Joeri De Grijse, Daniel Pipeleers, Christiaan Van Schravendijk, Frans Gorus, Nader Rifai (Redacteur)

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BACKGROUND: When the concentrations of 2 or more substances are measured separately, their molar ratios are subject to the additive imprecisions of the different assays. We hypothesized that the cumulative error for concentration ratios of peptides containing a common sequence might be minimized by measuring the peptides simultaneously with a "trefoil-type" immunoassay.

METHODS: As a model of this approach, we developed a dual-label time-resolved fluorescence immunoassay (TRFIA) to simultaneously measure proinsulin, C-peptide, and the proinsulin-C-peptide ratio (PI/C). A monoclonal antibody captures all C-peptide-containing molecules, and 2 differently labeled antibodies distinguish between proinsulin-like molecules and true C-peptide.

RESULTS: The trefoil-type TRFIA was capable of measuring plasma C-peptide and proinsulin simultaneously without mutual interference at limits of quantification of 48 and 8125 pmol/L, and 2.1 and 197 pmol/L, respectively. Within-laboratory imprecision values for the trefoil-type TRFIA ranged between 8.4% and 12% for the hormone concentrations. Unlike the hormone results obtained with separate assays, imprecision did not increase when PI/C was calculated from trefoil assay results (P <0.05). Peptide concentrations were highly correlated with results obtained in individual comparison assays (r2 0.965; P <0.0001). The total error for PI/C obtained with the trefoil-type TRFIA remained 25% over a broader C-peptide range than with separate hormone assays (79-7200 pmol/L vs 590-4300 pmol/L C-peptide). Preliminary data indicate little or no interference by heterophile antibodies.

CONCLUSIONS: The developed trefoil-type TRFIA is a reliable method for simultaneous measurement of proinsulin, C-peptide, and PI/C and provides proof of principle for the development of other trefoil-type multiple-label immunoassays.
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TijdschriftClinical Chemistry
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StatusPublished - 4 dec 2008

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