Sound and Score. Essays on Sound, Score and Notation

Paulo De Assis (Redacteur), William Brooks (Redacteur), Kathleen Coessens (Redacteur)

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As an art form based upon sound, music deals with complex semiotic translations and interactions between different perceptual senses and systems of signification: sound, score, meaning. Primarily, music has to do with the invisible, with forces that cannot be seen but that touch listeners in very compelling ways. However, in many cultures, music has been codified in notated form, originating complex written artefacts -- the score. Here, different signs and symbols not only allow for the retention and transmission of certain elements of the musical fabric but also liberate forces that are not conceivable without graphic representations.
The first part of the book introduces the complexity of the notion of score: how performers deal with specific cases of score, the materiality of the score, its conceptualisation and its translation towards performance.
The second part will deal with the necessity and challenges of experimentational practices concerning sound and score. It will address also the 'experimentational' aspects of coping with older/different traditions.
In the last part, the notions of score and sound are extended, surpassing the common view on it. Broader social interactions and interdisciplinary artistic views on score and sound and their use in space, thought and movement are addressed - in installations, sonic art, in visual art and in dance.
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StatusPublished - 1 okt 2013

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Paulo de Assis, William Brooks, Kathleen Coessens


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