Spacer devices for inhaled therapy: why use them, and how?

Walter Vincken, Mark L Levy, Jane Scullion, Omar S Usmani, P N Richard Dekhuijzen, Chris J Corrigan

Onderzoeksoutput: Scientific review


We present an extensive review of the literature to date pertaining to the rationale for using a spacer/valved holding chamber (VHC) to deliver inhaled therapy from a pressurised, metered-dose inhaler, a discussion of how the properties of individual devices may vary according to their physical characteristics and materials of manufacture, the potential risks and benefits of ancillaries such as valves, and the evidence that they contribute tangibly to the delivery of therapy. We also reiterate practical recommendations for the correct usage and maintenance of spacers/VHCs, which we trust offer practical help and advice to patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Originele taal-2English
Aantal pagina's10
TijdschriftBMJ Open
Nummer van het tijdschrift2
StatusPublished - jun 2018


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