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Context: The social benefits of sports offers arguments to stimulate sports for minority groups and to create targeted intervention programs to increase sport participation (Haudenhuyse et al, 2012). Inequality in sport participation is related to factors such as gender, ethnicity and social status (Theeboom, 2011). In Flanders, the Flemish part of Belgium, sport stimulating initiatives have a high priority (Muyters, 2014). Moreover it is seen as a facilitator for social inclusion. These characteristics also apply to school sports. Brussels’ schools, as a reflection of a very multicultural and diverse ethnic population, create great challenges for teachers as they are often confronted with potential conflicts arising from differences in cultural and ethnic related values (Koning Boudewijnstichting, 2014). Since physical education (P.E.) class is commonly reported as a trigger for potential conflicts (coaching reports Democratic Dialogue, 2017), a profound insight in the nature of these conflicts is useful to prevent escalation of conflicts. Aim: This prospective study aims to determine the nature and frequency of sensitive topics P.E.-teachers deal with in classroom. Methods: Students of the teacher training department were assigned to ask their mentor at school or their coach to complete a survey. The survey handles the incidence of controversial and sensitive topics in P.E.- class and the way teachers deal with it. Results: 29 respondents (22 male, 7 female) completed the survey. Most of them were relatively unexperienced ( < 10 years teaching in Brussels, mean: 11 year). Themes that are mostly perceived as sensitive topic are: bullying (19%), family issues (14%) and racism and discrimination (14%). Teachers prefer an individual conversation (97%) over a plenary approach in class (55%). Only one in three teachers perceive themselves as fully competent to discuss these themes with their pupils. Conclusion: While the low score on professionals experience can be explained by the known problem of drop out of teachers in Brussels’ education, the perceived competence of teachers in dialogue techniques is a remarkable result. It could be related to the professional experience of the respondents. However it also is an indication that empowerment in dialogue, especially on sensitive topics typical for urban schools, are essential skills for teachers and should be more stressed in teacher training curricula. (PDF) SPORTCULTSCAN: A PROSPECTIVE STUDY ON ETHNIC-CULTURAL RELATED SENSITIVITIES IN SPORTS. Available from: [accessed Apr 26 2020].
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ConferenceInternational Conference of Education, Research and Innovation
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