Stakeholder engagement in radiological protection: Developing theory, practice and guidelines

C. Turcanu, M. Van Oudheusden, B. Abelshausen, C. Schieber, T. Schneider, N. Zeleznik, R. Geysmans, T. Duranova, T. Perko, C. Pölzl-Viol

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The European project ENGAGE investigated formal or informal demands and expectations for stakeholder engagement in radiological protection, and their translation into practices at national and local levels. Three contexts were examined in detail: nuclear emergency preparedness, response and recovery; exposure to indoor radon; and medical exposures to ionising radiation. Research showed that prescriptions and practices for stakeholder engagement would benefit from acknowledging the normative and substantive rationales for engagement. It suggests broadening participation both in terms of stakeholders - particularly from the perspective of integration of radiological protection into broader frameworks - and the forms of participation - for instance by recognising the importance of informal and citizen-led engagement. In addition, more systematic approaches for stakeholder engagement should be included in the elaboration and evaluation of national policies. Finally, results substantiate the need for developing radiological protection culture in a participatory, multi-disciplinary way. Recommendations for more robust stakeholder engagement in radiological protection are formulated based on the findings.

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StatusPublished - 1 mei 2020

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