Stress restoration in retailing

Wim Janssens, Kim Willems, Karolien Poels

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Shopping is often a particularly stressful activity. The positive influence of vegetation on
human psychological functioning has already been empirically demonstrated in work-,
home-, and hospital environments, but not yet in a retail store context. This study aims
to examine (1) whether the presence of in-store vegetation can alleviate stress in
consumers, and (2) the extent to which consumer stress reduction has a beneficial effect
on perceptions and patronage behavior. The findings of a between-subjects
experimental design (n = 151) provide partial support for both questions.
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Titel41st European Marketing Conference (EMAC), submitted on 1 December 2011
StatusPublished - 2012
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Naam41st European Marketing Conference (EMAC), submitted on 1 December 2011


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