Study of serum leptin in cafeteria-diet-overfed rats.

Jean De Schepper, X. Zhou, Sonja De Bock, Johan Smitz, O. Louis, Elisabeth Hooghe-Peters, Yvan Vandenplas

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In a group of 15 male Wistar rats overfed with cafeteria foods (delivering a mean fat percentage of 60%) during 5 months from the age of 8 weeks and in a control group of 15 rats fed with a standard chow for the same period, serum leptin, insulin and corticosterone were measured by RIA and body composition was determined by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry. Significantly higher fasting serum concentrations of leptin, insulin and corticosterone were found in the cafeteria-diet group. Fasting leptin concentrations were significantly higher in rats with a body fat percentage of more than 25% compared to the others, irrespective of the type of feeding. The log serum leptin correlated positively with body fat percentage and fasting insulin concentration but not with corticosterone concentration. Leptin concentration corrected for body fat mass was, however, comparable between the two diet groups, while the leptin/insulin ratio was lower in the cafeteria-diet group. In conclusion, chronic overfeeding resulting in an increased body fat percentage in rats is associated with hyperleptinemia, hyperinsulinemia and hypercorticism. Serum leptin levels appear to primarily track total body fat percentage and are unaffected by dietary fat manipulation in cafeteria-diet-induced obese rats.
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TijdschriftHormone Research
StatusPublished - 1998

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Horm Res 50, 271-275, 1998


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