Symmetry and Dominance Breaking for Pseudo-Boolean Optimization

Daimy Stefanie Van Caudenberg, Bart Bogaerts

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It is well-known that highly symmetric problems can often be challenging for combinatorial search and optimization solvers. One technique to avoid this problem is to introduce so-called symmetry breaking constraints, which eliminate some symmetric parts of the search space. In this paper, we focus on pseudo-Boolean optimization problems, which are specified by a set of 0–1 integer linear inequalities (also known as pseudo-Boolean constraints) and a linear objective. Symmetry breaking has already been studied in this context; however previous work could only deal with symmetries of the entire optimization problem. In this paper, we show how to handle weak symmetries: symmetries of the constraints that do not necessarily need to respect the objective. We show that weak symmetries induce a dominance relation and that pseudo-Boolean constraints are a natural target formalism to write the dominance breaking constraints in. We implemented these ideas on top of a state-of-the-art symmetry breaking tool for SAT, and in doing so also transfer modern symmetry breaking techniques to pseudo-Boolean optimization. We experimentally validate our approach on the latest pseudo-Boolean competition, as well as on hard combinatorial instances and conclude that the effect of breaking (weak) symmetries depends greatly on the type of solving algorithm used.

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StatusPublished - 2023
EvenementBNAIC/BeNeLearn 2022: Joint International Scientific Conferences on AI and Machine Learning - Lamot Mechelen, Belgium
Duur: 7 nov 20229 nov 2022

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Volume1805 CCIS
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ConferenceBNAIC/BeNeLearn 2022
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StadLamot Mechelen
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