A system for conversion or amplification using quasi-phase matched nonlinear optical wave-mixing includes a first radiation source for providing a pump radiation beam, a second radiation source for providing a signal radiation beam, a bent structure for receiving the pump radiation beam and the signal radiation beam, and an outcoupling radiation propagation portion for coupling out an idler radiation beam generated in the bent structure. A radiation propagation portion of the bent structure is made of a uniform three-dimensional material at least partly covered by a two-dimensional or quasi-two-dimensional material layer and has a dimension taking into account the spatial variation of the nonlinear optical susceptibility along the radiation propagation portion as experienced by radiation traveling along the bent structure for obtaining quasi-phase matched nonlinear optical wave-mixing in the radiation propagation portion. The dimension thereby is substantially inverse proportional with the linear phase mismatch for the nonlinear optical process.
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StatusPublished - 2018


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