Targeted Lentiviral Vectors: Current Applications and Future Potential

Cleo Goyvaerts, D. Escors, Karine Breckpot, Therese Liechtenstein

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LVs have proven to be efficient vehicles to deliver one or more tgs to any cell type of choice, which has led to a promising list of therapeutic applications. As the demand for experimentation in gene delivery to specific cell types increases, technologies that precisely target LVbased gene expression will become more important for research and clinical applications. Four main groups of strategies with their own possibilities as well as difficulties have been developed so far. Self-evidently, further optimization and fine-tuning of these strategies is a necessity to fulfill the expectations for targeted LV delivery in vivo. In addition to extra optimization steps, combinations of two or more of these strategies can also lead to an overall more selective, efficient and most importantly, safe LV system. Several attempts to combine the different strategies have been reported (Brown, Cantore et al. 2007; Pariente, Morizono et al. 2007; Escors and Breckpot 2011). Pariente et al. for example, reported on a LV that was transductionally targeted to prostate cancer bone metastases by a modified sindbis virus envelope that interacts with PSCA and transcriptionally targeted with a prostate cell specific promoter. This dual-targeted LV enhanced specificity to prostate cancer bone metastases after systemic delivery with respect to individual transcriptional or transduction targeting. As the developed targeting strategies already resulted in a major step forward for LV-based gene therapy, their potential will most likely be more exploited in the future, paving the way towards an all-embracing LV-based tg vehicle for the gene therapeutic field.
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TitelGene Therapy - Tools and Potential Applications
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StatusPublished - dec 2012

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