In this paper we investigate the mutual shaping between social network platforms and social interactions by developing a taxonomy of relevant affordances. More broadly, this taxonomy will eventually serve to answer the question: which platform affordances influence norm building behaviour in groups? The relevant affordances we identified are ‘network interactions’, ‘interventions’, ‘ephemerality’ and ‘visibility’. These affordances are complementary to 3 of boyd’s (2010) structural affordances of networked publics.
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Titel2021 14th CMI International Conference
SubtitelCritical ICT Infrastructures and Platforms
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StatusPublished - nov 2021
Evenement2021 14th CMI International Conference: Critical ICT Infrastructures and Platforms - Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark
Duur: 25 nov 202126 nov 2021

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Naam14th CMI International Conference - Critical ICT Infrastructures and Platforms, CMI 2021 - Proceedings


Conference2021 14th CMI International Conference


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