The Babel2 manual

Martin Loetzsch, Pieter Wellens, Joachim De Beule, Joris Bleys, Remi Van Trijp

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This document serves as a technical documentation of the Babel2 framework. It is work in progress and it is our aim to continuously improve and enhance the text. This manual accompanies Babel2 which can be downloaded for free at Furthermore, contains additional background information and downloadable papers that show in-depth experiments with Babel2.
Babel2 connects the implementations of our core technologies such as Fluid Construction Grammar (FCG) and Incremental Recruitment Language (IRL) with mechanisms for multi-agent interactions, robotic embodiment, cognitive processing and learning. An extensive monitoring system gives access to every detail of Babel2's intermediate representations and dynamics and a high modularity ensures that the system can be used in a very wide variety of scenarios.
Babel2 is written in Common Lisp and runs in all major Lisp implementations on all major plat- forms. Its source code is frequently released to the public under the GNU General Public License.
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UitgeverijAI-Lab VUB, Brussels
StatusPublished - 2008

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