Der Fall Belgien: Mehrsprachiger Kontext und Literaturen (1830 bis heute)

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The classical model of national literature - defined by the correlation of territory and language - generally negates multilingualism as a central feature of national literary production and thus reaches its limits in the case of the multilingual situation in Belgium. Following a pluralistic approach, this paper therefore traces the emergence of "Belgian literatures" in French and Dutch, respectively, through the dynamics of linguistic-cultural and political discourses in Belgium from the founding of the state in 1830 to the present day. In this way, the change from an originally nationalistic-unitarian conception of literature in Belgium to a regional orientation of literature, i.e. tied to language and cultural communities, is presented.
Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageThe Case of Belgium: Multilingual Context and Literatures (1830 to the Present)
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StatusPublished - 15 apr 2022

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van de POL-TEGGE, Anja, „Der Fall Belgien: Mehrsprachiger Kontext und Literaturen (1830 bis heute)“, in: BelgienNet, 2022, URL:


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