The initiative as a foundation for climate services in Belgium

Piet Termonia, Bert Van Schaeybroeck, Lesley De Cruz, Rozemien De Troch, Steven Caluwaerts, Olivier Giot, Rafiq Hamdi, Stéphane Vannitsem, François Duchêne, Patrick Willems, Hossein Tabari, Els Van Uytven, Parisa Hosseinzadehtalaei, Nicole Van Lipzig, Hendrik Wouters, Sam Vanden Broucke, Jean-Pascall Van Ypersele, Philippe Marbaix, Cecille Villanueva-Birriel, Xavier FettweisCoraline Wyard, Chloé Scholzen, Sébastien Doutreloup, Koen De Ridder, Anne Gobin, Dirk Lauwaet, Trissevgeni Stavrakou, Maite Bauwens, Jean-François Müller, Patrick Luyten, Stéphanie Ponsar, Dries Van den Eynde, Eric Pottiaux

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The project created the foundations for Belgian climate services by producing high-resolution Belgian climate information that (a) incorporates the expertise of the different Belgian climate modeling groups and that (b) is consistent with the outcomes of the international CORDEX ("COordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment") project. The key practical tasks for the project were the coordination of activities among different Belgian climate groups, fostering the links to specific international initiatives and the creation of a stakeholder dialogue. Scientifically, the project contributed to the EURO-CORDEX project, created a small ensemble of High-Resolution (H-Res) future projections over Belgium at convection-permitting resolutions and coupled these to seven Local Impact Models. Several impact studies have been carried out. The project also addressed some aspects of climate change uncertainties. The interactions and feedback from the stakeholder dialogue led to different practical applications at the Belgian national level.
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StatusPublished - 2018


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