The effect of traitedness on the neuroticism-performance relationship. An event reconstruction study

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Studies on the personality-performance relationship consistently showed that the twoare only weakly related. We argue that this is partly due to the fact that these studies did not take into account individual differences in the extent to which people behave trait-congruent (i.e., individual differences in traitedness). We hypothesize that trait neuroticism better predicts performance for individuals high on traitedness (i.e., people always behaving equally neurotic) than for people low on traitedness (i.e., people varying a lot in their level of neuroticism).

46 employees reported on their neuroticism level in four work-related situations. One week later they rated their task performance in each of these situations. We also collected NEO-FFI trait neuroticism scores.

We obtained a measure of traitedness by computing, per individual, the standard deviation of his/her neuroticism scores across the four work-related situations (a low SD implies high traitedness and vice versa). Moderated regression analyses with trait neuroticism, SD, and the interaction between trait neuroticism and SD showed that trait neuroticism was related to performance, yet only for people high on traitedness.

We focused on neuroticism and task performance. Future research should expand these findings to other personality dimensions and other types of performance.

Performance can only be predicted from trait neuroticism for people who consistently behave according to their trait level. This stresses the necessity to obtain information on both the trait level and traitedness.

This study is the first to show the impact of traitedness, thereby providing an account why previous studies often found weak personality-performance relationships.
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