The EU’s INDC and its contribution to a successful deal in Paris 2015

Susanne Dröge, Thomas Spencer, Alexandra Deprez, Liz Gallagher, Artur Gradziuk, Andrei Marcu, Sebastian Oberthür, Oliver Sartor, Henri Waisman, Tomas Gilberte Wyns

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In this paper, the TT2015 members provide a comprehensive assessment of the EU’s INDC and its strategic implications for the Paris negotiations. The paper includes separate sections on the INDC’s form and content; the role of carbon markets; its role in long-term transformation; climate risk & adaptation; finance; review & update cycles and, finally, transparency of implementation.About the EU Think Tank Platform for Paris 2015. The Platform brings together six of the leading EU thinks tanks (CEPS, IDDRI, IES-VUB, SWP, PISM and E3G), active in the area of climate change policy, in their desire to catalyze and contribute to the debate in the EU on its strategy and positioning in the 2015 negotiations. More information available on the website:
Originele taal-2English
Mijlpalentype toekennenPaper
UitgeverCenter for European Policy Studies (CEPS)
Aantal pagina's14
StatusPublished - jul 2015


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