The Hendrickx-Vanwalleghem design strategy

Wim Debacker, Caroline Henrotay, Willy De Wilde, Hendrik Hendrickx

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Optimisation of structures and materials is a rightful popular engineering topic.
Contemporary research is concentrated, among others, into cost minimisation,
structural efficiency and intelligence, in compliance with environmental and
social preservation [1]. As a counterpart this paper puts the accent on the time
dependent aspect of constructions, such as the life cycle cost, the possibility to
make (non-) structural changes and recycle or reuse of building material. In
search of an optimisation of this dynamic efficiency of constructions, a design
strategy has been developed at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (dept. MeMC &
ARCH). This strategy is presented here. It considers the temporal character of
constructions from the first sketches on.
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TitelHigh Performance Structures and Materials III
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