The Huggable Social Robot Probo for Social Story Telling for Robot Assisted Therapy with ASD Children

Ramona Simut Vanderborght, Greet Van De Perre, Cristina Pop, Bram Vanderborght, Jelle Saldien, Alina S. Rusu, Sebastian Pintea, Johan Vanderfaeillie, Dirk Lefeber, Daniel D David

Onderzoeksoutput: Conference paper


Children with Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) experience difficulties to engage in social interaction, and therefore lack learning opportunities in their classrooms and daily lives. Different therapies exist to attempt to lessen the deficits and family distress. Many children with ASD show an affinity for computers. Due to the recent advances in personal robots, the technology is becoming in the reach to be used as Robot Assisted Therapy (RAT). Emerging research shows, that autistic children proactively approach robots, that robots can act as a mediator between the child and the therapist, that robots can be used for play therapy and to elicit joint attention episodes between a child and an adult. The ability to express emotions is essential in communication and is a fo- cus in different therapies for autistic children, also in social stories as developed by Carol Gray in 1991. Social Stories are short stories written or tailored to autistic individuals to help them understand and behave appropriately in social situations. Comic strip-like conversations using stick-figure and cartoon like emotions illustrate an ongoing communication and help them improve their understanding and comprehension of conversation. We present here the first results of Probo's perfomance as a Story Telling agent in the therapeutic context of autistic children. Probo's purpose is to serve as a multidisciplinary research platform for human-robot interaction focused on children. The robot is designed to act as a social interface by employing human-like social cues and commu- nication modalities. With 20 motors in the head, the robot is able to express attention and emotions via its gaze and facial expressions. To guarantee a safe physical interaction between the robot and the children, compliant actua- tion systems and a layered structured with foam and fabric, are implemented.
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TitelInternational Conference on Social Robotics, works-in-progress, 23-25.22.2011, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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StatusPublished - 23 nov 2011
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