In this article we provide an overview of impingement syndromes of the lower limb. At the level of the hip, femoroacetabular and ischiofemoral impingement are recognised. At the level of the knee, we discuss Hoffa's fat pad impingement, suprapatellar fat pad impingement, pericruciate impingement, and iliotibial band syndrome. The impingement syndromes associated with anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair and intercondylar osteophytes are also illustrated. Most impingement syndromes are described at the level of the ankle. These include, anterior, anterolateral, posterior, anteromedial, posterior, and posterolateral impingement. For these conditions, we describe the best technique and expected imaging findings. It should be kept in mind that many of these findings have been observed in the asymptomatic population. Impingement is essentially a clinical diagnosis and imaging findings should be considered as supportive elements for this clinical diagnosis.

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