The impact of customer value types on customer outcomes for different retail formats

Kim Willems, Sara Leroi-Werelds, Gilbert Swinnen

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Purpose: This study (i) profiles grocery retailers in terms of seven value types based on Holbrook’s value typology; (ii) links these value types to three key outcomes (i.e., satisfaction, repurchase intention, and word-of-mouth); and (iii) evaluates the impact of the retail format on performance and importance of the seven value types.
Methodology: For each retail format, we administered a consumer survey, resulting in an aggregate sample of 392 respondents. We used PLS-SEM to test the relationships between the value types and key outcomes (i.e., importance) and ANOVAs to examine cross-format differences between latent variable scores of the value types (i.e., performance).
Findings: Different retail formats perform differently on Holbrook’s value types (e.g., non-discounters excel in terms of aesthetic value and play, compared to hard and soft discounters). Furthermore, this study reveals that the strategic importance of each value type depends on the key outcome (e.g., whereas efficiency is the main source of satisfaction, play mainly drives the other two outcomes).
Limitations and further research opportunities: We randomly assigned respondents to one of the three retail formats irrespective of their personal preference or patronage. To conduct value-based segmentation, respondents should evaluate either their preferred or all supermarkets.
Managerial implications: This study offers positioning advice to retail managers, according to their format and strategic objectives.
Originality: Unlike previous research, this paper provides a cross-format comparison of retailers based on a three-dimensional value typology and its key outcomes.
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TijdschriftJournal of Service Management
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StatusPublished - 11 mei 2016


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