The interrelation between objectivity and subjectivity

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Objectivity is often thought as the very opposite of subjectivity in the sense that both concepts have nothing to do with each other. At the same time the notion of objectivity is discussed in terms of the possibility of its ‘pure’ existence. Both interpretations of objectivity have to do with a conception of objectivity as if objectivity has fallen from the sky. In this presentation we want to demonstrate the linkage between objectivity and subjectivity as analyzed by Husserl in his The Origin of Geometry. It was the founding father of phenomenology, Husserl, who analyzed the way in which objectivity is constructed and thus is characterized as a human practice. In this sense, it was Husserl who gave a humanized interpretation of the growth of objectivity and founded its construction in the very subjectivity. From now on, objectivity and subjectivity can no longer be seen as discrete opposite concepts. Both concepts, objectivity and subjectivity, are indissolubly connected with each other along a continuous line of more or less objective or subjective in-betweens.

Keywords: objectivity, subjectivity, Husserl, phenomenology, human practise
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TitelThe Tunisian Association of Young Researchers (TAYR)
StatusPublished - 12 jun 2015
EvenementRe-visiting Objectivity in Text Analysis and Research Methods - Cité des Sciences, Tunis, Tunisia
Duur: 12 jun 201513 jun 2015


ConferenceRe-visiting Objectivity in Text Analysis and Research Methods

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Conference on Re-visiting Objectivity organised by The Tunisian Association of Young Researchers (TAYR), June 12 and 13, 2015 Cité des sciences, Tunis.


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