The role of topical insulin on ocular surface restoration: A review

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Corneal epithelial defects are one of the most common ocular disorders.Restoring corneal integrity is crucial to reduce pain and regain function,but in cases of neurotrophic or desensitized corneas,healing can be significantly delayed.Treating neurotrophic corneas is challenging for ophthalmologists,and surgical intervention is often indicated to manage refractory cases that are unresponsive to medical therapy.Over the last decade,as more expensive therapeutics reach the market,topical insulin has returned to the forefront as an affordable option to improve corneal wound healing.There is still a paucity of data on the use and the efficacy of topical insulin,with no consensus regarding its indications,preparation,or posology.Here we review the literature on topical insulin for corneal and ocular surface pathologies,with a focus on the current evidence,its mechanisms of action,and its safety profile.Additionally,we share our experience in the field and provide a potential framework for future research.
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TijdschriftSurvey of Ophthalmology
StatusPublished - 10 jan 2024

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