The social robot Probo as interaction partner for autistic children

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Probo is a social robot designed to investigate
human-like interaction with children and develop robot assisted
therapies. With 20 motors in the head, the robot is able to
direct its gaze, express emotions through facial expressions, play
animations and communicate verbally. To guarantee safety and
provide a soft and huggable touch, compliant actuation systems
are implemented so besides cognitive interaction, also physical
human-like interaction is targeted. This paper summerizes our
research efforts in order to deploy the robot to improve the
social skills of children with autism spectrum disorders and
assist in the therapy. We started with explorative studies were
the results were in line with other studies; ASD children did
enjoy interacting with the robot and showed an increased motivation.
However there are still different fundamental questions
both on the psychological and technical part of the research.
By performing perception studies, we aim to provide answers
about. about which is the best way to integrate an existing
robot in therapy and to train which type of skills. Typically
the interventions are restricted to Wizard of Oz (WOZ) setups.
There is a clear need to go beyond WOZ setups and towards
robots that can operate in supervised autonomous interaction,
assisted by a human therapist.
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TitelIROS13 workshop: Towards Social Humanoid Robots: What makes interaction human-like?
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StatusPublished - 3 nov 2013
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