The transition to adulthood: a focus on the children of immigrants

Helga De Valk

Onderzoeksoutput: Meeting abstract (Book)

Originele taal-2English
TitelPaper presentation at the International Conference on Migration and Life-Course Research
StatusPublished - 6 dec 2008
EvenementInternational Conference on Migration and Life-Course Research - Bremen, Germany
Duur: 5 dec 20086 dec 2008


ConferenceInternational Conference on Migration and Life-Course Research
AnderThe conference aims at bringing together scholars from migration research who are interested in the analytical potential of the life-course perspective. The life-course concept refers to the interaction of biographical with historical social structures over time in human development. A sociological life-course approach to migration, thus, focuses on the societal organisation and institutional framing of migrants’ life courses as well as the patterns of migrants’ biographical mastering of transitions and coordinating of life spheres. Methodologically, this conceptual focus on the complex interplay of structure and agency calls for dynamic individual-level analyses which are embedded in a multi-level model of social processes. Cumulative effects that result from migrants’ biographical plans, decisions, and behaviour framed by, or embedded in, institutional structures can only be grasped by such a dynamic research strategy.

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