The twisted group ring isomorphism problem over fields

Leo Margolis, Ofir Schnabel

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Similarly to how the classical group ring isomorphism problem asks, for a commutative ring R, which information about a finite group G is encoded in the group ring RG, the twisted group ring isomorphism problem asks which information about G is encoded in all the twisted group rings of G over R.

We investigate this problem over fields. We start with abelian groups and show how the results depend on the characteristic of R. In order to deal with non-abelian groups we construct a generalization of a Schur cover which exists also when R is not an algebraically closed field, but still linearizes all projective representations of a group. We then show that groups from the celebrated example of Everett Dade which have isomorphic group algebras over any field can be distinguished by their twisted group algebras over finite fields.
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TijdschriftIsrael Journal of Mathematics
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StatusPublished - 1 jul 2020

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