The world in perspective, A directory of world map projections

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The World in Perspective is a practical reference work for the selection and construction of world maps directed towards all those interested in the effective conveyance of space related information.

An illustrated overview is given of 68 different projections for world maps, each of them provided with ready-to-compute transformation formulas and a brief description of its deformation characteristics. All projections are grouped in a practical classification scheme making it relatively easy to select a map projection for a specific application. Each projection is also accompanied by one or two maps illustrating its deformation characteristics and allowing a quick evaluation of its merits.

The directory of world maps is preceeded by a theoretical introduction about the principles of map projections, thus providing the necessary background for readers who are interested in modifying existing projection systems according to their own specific requirements.
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StatusPublished - 1989

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John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, Sussex, 181p.


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