Tiny Moments of Experimentation: Kairos in the Liminal Space

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A concert performance of music seems, at first sight, a non-experimental, well-prepared activity requiring considerable technical and instrumental skill, background knowledge of context and composition, rehearsal, and interpretational fidelity to a tradition. However, small gaps--possibilities for experimentation--emerge in the elaboration, preparation, and performance of a musician's act, in the background of the musician's world of highly skilled practices, profound training, embodied schemata, and prepared interpretational expression. In the act of performance, in the liminal space between contingency and the hidden background of artistic practice, kairos (which I translate as the artistic opportune choice of action) can appear and challenge expected interpretation by opening up the "here and now" of the performance.
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TitelArtistic Experimentation in Music
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Darla Crispin and Bob Gilmore


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