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Contextual factors are fundamental but often overlooked elements
of parasport that can introduce various complexities within
the parasport system. The purpose of this paper is to identify and
categorize contextual factors that influence the parasport system
and to examine the extent to which these factors influence the
development of para-athletes’ pathways. Drawing from a system
theoretical perspective, this research uses data gathered from 32
semi-structured interviews with stakeholders of the Brazilian
Paralympic sports system. Thematic coding resulted in the identification
of nine main themes that constitute the contextual factors
of the Brazilian parasport system. The findings confirm that
insofar as parasport is embedded in the complex cultural and
national environment, it is not possible to understand parasport
and the para-athlete trajectories without understanding the country’s
particular context with respect to disability. This paper thus
provides insights toward better understanding the relationship
between the diversity within the parasport systems and the sociocultural
context of a country.
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