Towards an evolvable data management system for wind turbines

Dirk Van Der Linden, Gert Lieven De Sitter, Tim Josee Verbelen, Christof Devriendt, Jan Helsen

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There is a trend towards large wind farms clustering a significant amount of turbines, aiming at continuously optimizing design and maintenance costs and thus reducing the overall cost of energy. Advanced control algorithms and maintenance optimizations may affect the lifetime of the turbines. Therefore it is necessary to actively monitor turbine behavior and condition. In order to fulfill this requirement, clean and accurate data sets need to be available. This data can be diverse in type and might evolve in a progressive innovative environment. In this paper, we present a system which can store and manage such data. Because of non-functional requirements as evolvability, maintainability, scalability and diversity, the Normalized Systems Theory was taken as theoretical foundation for the development of this system. Since the theorems of this theory are not always easy to grasp for practitioners, we combined our development with the derivation of a set of rules tailored to the application domain of our technology stack.

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TijdschriftComputer Standards & Interfaces
Nummer van het tijdschrift1
StatusPublished - mrt 2017


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