Transferability of an Integrated Care Platform

Myriam Sillevis Smitt, Julie Doyle, John Dinsmore, Maite Ferrando, Suzanne Smith, Sara Polak, Cora van Leeuwen, An Jacobs

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The transfer and implementation of digital health solutions from one
setting to another can be challenging. This study functioned as a use case to examine the transferability of a digital integrated care platform from research to
practice. In 2019, a healthcare facility in Belgium aimed to advance supported
self-management and integrated care for patients with Type II diabetes, aged between 18 and 75 years old. Methodology: The ProACT integrated care platform
was implemented in a healthcare facility that consisted of a multidisciplinary
team, monitoring a total of 12 participants with Diabetes Type II for a duration
of six months. By using a qualitative method, we conducted interviews with diabetes educators, held focus groups with healthcare providers and used ethnographic documentation. Findings: The choice of using the ProACT platform was
a top-down decision made by management and the qualitative data showed that
the readiness and willingness of the employees to incorporate the platform hindered the implementation. They welcomed the technology, however all employees noted the additional workload they experienced on top of an already full work
schedule. As a result, organisation-specific, solution-specific, process-specific
and individual-specific barriers were identified. Conclusion: The use case on implementing an integrated care platform outside of a research setting, corroborated
barriers identified in the ProACT transferability framework. This paper will reflect on the ProACT transferability framework and highlight the practical challenges healthcare facilities could face.
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TitelICCHP-AATE 2022 Open Access Compendium "Assistive Technology, Accessibility and (e)Inclusion"
UitgeverijAssociation ICCHP
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ISBN van elektronische versie9783950499780
StatusPublished - 2022
EvenementICCHP-AAATE 2022
: Joint International Conference on Digital Inclusion, Assistive Technology & Accessibility
- Lecco, Italy
Duur: 11 jul 202215 jul 2022


ConferenceICCHP-AAATE 2022
Verkorte titelICCHP-AAATE 2022
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