« Transitivité littéraire : Réflexions théoriques autour de l’axiologie de la littérature affirmative dans les régimes totalitaires »

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In his diaries written between 1933 and 1945, Victor Klemperer offers a highly personal interpretation of everyday life under National Socialism and the repercussions of the historical context on his personal life. This contribution sets out to investigate how Klemperer's diary can be understood as a phenomenological archive of totalitarianism. Klemperer's detailed writing process highlights the relentless will to analyze the language of the Third Reich, to bear witness of the everyday of persecution and the functioning of the National-Socialist system. The textualization of individual thoughts, feelings and actions enables the extrapolation to collective mentalities and convictions. The cultural and historical emphasis that Klemperer places on the intimate shows the close connection of micro- und macro-history. This synthesis along with the detailed phenomenological representation of persecution offer illuminating insights for the understanding of totalitarianism and the specificity of autobiographical writing under National-Socialism.
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TitelUniversité de Namur (13 mei 2014): « Littérature et totalitarisme : Vers une conceptualisation du phénomène »
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