Trends in fishery genetics. In: Beamish RJ, Rothschild BJ, eds. The future of fisheries science in North America

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Fisheries science in North America is changing in response to a changing climate, new technologies, an ecosystem approach to management and fresh thinking about the processes affecting stock and recruitment. This title is suitable for those associated with fish, fisheries, and fisheries management. On the future of fisheries science / Brian J. Rothschild and Richard J. Beamish -- Biodiversity, spatial management, and the ecosystem approach / Jake C. Rice -- Biodiversity and the future of fisheries science / Ashleen J. Benson -- The implications of a paradigm shift in ocean resource management for fisheries stock assessment / Robert N. O'Boyle -- Ecosystem-based management of what? : an emerging approach for balancing conflicting objectives in marine resource management / Isaac C. Kaplan and Phillip Levin -- The changing nature of fisheries management and implications for science / Kevin Stringer, Marc Clemens, and Denis Rivard -- Astonishment, stupefaction, and a naturalist's approach to ecosystem-based fisheries studies / Kevin D.E. Stokesbury, Bradley P. Harris, and Michael C. Marino II -- The high-dimensional future of fishery science / Jon T. Schnute and Laura J. Richards -- Stock assessment : operational models in support of fisheries management / Richard D. Methot Jr. -- Fisheries science in the future / Randall M. Peterman -- Some observations on the role of trophodynamic models for ecosystem approaches to fisheries / Mariano Koen-Alonso -- Why and how could indicators be used in an ecosystem approach to fisheries management? / Marie-Joëlle Rochet and Verena M. Trenkel -- Fisheries abundance cycles in ecosystem and economic management of California fish and invertebrate resources / Jerrold G. Norton, Samuel F. Herrick, and Janet E. Mason -- Ecosystem models of fishing effects : present status and a suggested future paradigm / Saul B. Saila -- The impacts of environmental change and ecosystem structure on the early life stages of fish : a perspective on establishing predictive capacity / Pierre Pepin -- The promise of an ecosystem approach : lessons from the past -- hopes for the future / Wendy Watson-Wright [and others] -- Technology for evaluating marine ecosystems in the early twenty-first century / Dale Vance Holliday -- Acoustic methods : brief review and prospects for advancing fisheries research / Kenneth G. Foote -- Combining techniques for remotely assessing pelagic nekton : getting the whole picture / James Churnside [and others] -- Using the seabed AUV to assess populations of groundfish in untrawlable areas / M. Elizabeth Clarke, Nick Tolimieri, and Hanumant Singh -- Technology answers to the requirements set by the ecosystem approach / Olav Rune Godø -- Accounting for spatial population structure in stock assessment : past, present, and future / Steven X. Cadrin and David H. Secor -- Genetic and evolutionary considerations in fishery management : research needs for the future / Robin S. Waples and Kerry A. Naish -- Trends in fishery genetics / Marc Kochzius -- The uncertain future of assessment uncertainty / Robert Mohn -- Model selection uncertainty and Bayesian model averaging in fisheries recruitment modeling / Yan Jiao, Kevin Reid, and Eric Smith -- Feedback control in Pacific salmon fisheries / Carrie A. Holt and William K. de la Mare -- The future of fisheries science : merging stock assessment with risk assessment, for better fisheries management / Daniel Goodman -- The future of fisheries science on Canada's west coast is keeping up with the changes / Richard J. Beamish and Brian E. Riddell -- Climate and fisheries : the past, the future, and the need for coalescence / Anne Babcock Hollowed and Kevin M. Bailey -- Future research requirements for understanding the effects of climate variability on fisheries for their management / Franklin B. Schwing [and others] -- Opportunities in social science research / Dale Squires -- Restoring rivers in the twenty-first century : science challenges in a management context / Timothy J. Beechie [and others].
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