Triangle-free induced subgraphs of the unitary polarity graph

Sam Mattheus, Francesco Pavese

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Let ⊥ be a unitary polarity of a finite projective plane π of order q 2. The unitary polarity graph is the graph with vertex set the points of π where two vertices x and y are adjacent if x∈y . We show that a triangle-free induced subgraph of the unitary polarity graph of an arbitrary projective plane has at most (q 4+q)∕2 vertices. When π is the Desarguesian projective plane PG(2,q 2) and q is even, we show that the upper bound is asymptotically sharp, by providing an example on q 4∕2 vertices. Finally, the case when π is the Figueroa plane is discussed.

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Pagina's (van-tot)83-96
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TijdschriftEuropean Journal of Combinatorics
StatusPublished - 1 aug 2018


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