Turkey as a ‘subject’ in regional politics and its implications for the European Union.

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In the last couple of years, Turkey has adopted a very assertive foreign policy. It has conducted external military operations, used proxy militias in different battlegrounds, augmented its efforts on strengthening the national defence industry and acted unilaterally to realize political or security interests. This paper argues that more than anything else, it has been Turkey’s desire to become a “subject” in regional politics that shaped its recent foreign policy. The paper first explains what it means to be a “subject”, explores how it relates to the concept of “actorness” in international relations and details the five major components of emerging as a “subject”. It then sheds light on the implications of Turkey’s assertive policies on the EU-Turkey relations in general and on the migration deal in particular. Finally, the paper concludes by highlighting the opportunities and challenges for EU-Turkey cooperation in regional politics.
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Titelpaper presented at the Annual Academic Meetings of the Social Sciences Division & the Business, Economics and Law Division, organized by the Athens Institute for Education and Research 26-29 July 2021, Athens, Greece.
StatusPublished - 26 jul 2021

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