The Typology is an online interactive publication, a methodology, and a mode of analysis. Substantively, it contains a curated set of typical legal technologies (applications, scientific papers, and datasets). The COHUBICOL team assessed these based on the claims made by their developers and/or providers, and on the substantiation of those claims, with an eye to the kind of legal impact their deployment might have. Our particular focus is on systems that might alter or impact the concept of legal effect that lies at the heart of law-as-we-know-it.
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Plaats van productieBrussels
StatusPublished - 4 nov 2022
EvenementCross-disciplinary Research in Computational Law (CRCL): Computational 'Law' on Edge - Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium
Duur: 3 nov 20224 nov 2022


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