Understanding the role of on-demand public transport in low-density regions: Insights from Flanders

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People who are depending on public transport for their daily mobility are generally more vulnerable to transport poverty and related social exclusion. This observation is particularly salient in sparsely populated regions, where the link between restricted mobility and accessibility, and transport poverty has been well-documented. In those areas, demand-responsive transport services are often implemented as a way to alleviate this precarious situation for inhabitants with few mobility opportunities. Despite an emerging body of research documenting and examining the functioning and usage of these flexible and on-demand transport solutions, user-centric approaches that examine the social and spatial inequalities and investigate the needs and preferences of actual users remain thin on the ground. In this paper, which reports on ongoing research, we illustrate how we (will) apply this user-centric approach to the case of a demand-responsive transport system in the region of Flanders. We devise a two-fold research strategy in which we complement (i) extensive insights from a trip dataset covering a four-year period with (ii) intensive insights from a survey with current users of the system. To this end, we aim to (i) improve our understanding of the socio-demographic, spatial, and temporal dimensions that are linked to the demand for demand-responsive transport in Flanders, and (ii) foreground actual user experiences, needs, and preferences in relation to their participation in society.
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TitelProceedings of the BIVEC-GIBET Transport Research Days 2023
RedacteurenChris Tampere, Mario Cools, Stef Proost
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StatusPublished - 1 jun 2023
EvenementBIVEC-GIBET Transport Research Days - KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium
Duur: 1 jun 20232 jun 2023
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ConferenceBIVEC-GIBET Transport Research Days
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