Frederic Pastouret, Lucia Cardozo, Jan Lamote, Pierre Lievens

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Introduction: It is difficult to create a chronic lymphoedema after Axillary Nodes Dissection (AND) without additional chemical
inflammatory drugs or physical technique applications on animal models. However, according to other authors, “Lymphatic Fluid
Stasis” (FLS) due to AND only seems to be the acute departure of the first tissue changes inducing a secondary lymphoedema
on animal.
Objective: The aim of this study is to appreciate the morphological effects of AND on the rat’s front leg and to detect FSL in the
subcutaneous tissue and Functional Substitution Lymphatic Pathways (FSLP).
Methods: Left superficial and deep AND was performed on 30 females Wistar rats with a new posterior surgical approach. Volume
changes of two front legs were appreciated 12 weeks after surgery by pressure variation assessment of water displacement during legs
immersion. Indocyanine Green mapping was performed to detect LFS and FSLP after skin dissection.
Results: 43% of rats showed only a regeneration of interrupted lymphatic pathways. 27% showed only FSLP connected to the deep
lymph vessels by perforating lymph vessels, while 30% of animals present the two phenomena. In all cases, FLS was not detected.
Statistical difference (p=0.0350) of pressure variations (mmHg, mean±sd) between operated (0,4014 ± 0,05338) and non operated
(0,4300±0,04513) sides was found. This result indicates there is not an increase of the operated front leg volume compare to the non
operated leg.
Conclusions: Contrary to the hypothesis submitted in the literature, rat’s AND does not necessarilly induce after 12 weeks a LFS
considered as the first pathological event that leads to a secondary lymphoedema. Lymphatic pathways regeneration and FLSP,
especially “perforating vessels” in the rat, seem to be the key to prevent LFS. This type of substitution pathways after AND on rat has
never been described in the literature before.
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TijdschriftThe European Journal of Lymphology and Related Problems
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StatusPublished - 2016
Evenement42th European Society of Lymphology Congress - Institut de Formation aux Metiers de la Santé, GHR Mulhouse et Sud Alsace, 2 rue du Dr Leon Mangeney, Mulhouse, France
Duur: 13 mei 201614 mei 2016


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