Untangling Source Code Changes Using Program Slicing

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Version control systems (VCS) are widely used to
manage the history of code bases. These histories in turn provide
opportunities for research. Researchers expect the commits in
these version control systems to be atomic. That is, each commit
performs one task. This is however not always the case. To
remedy this, we propose a commit untangling technique using
program slicing. In particular, we posit that all related changes
are part of the same program slice. To do so, we perform program
slicing on changes. Preliminary results using intra-procedural
slicing have proven to be encouraging. We are currently working
on expanding our work to be inter-procedural.
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TitelProceedings of the 16th edition of the BElgian-NEtherlands software eVOLution symposium
RedacteurenSerge Demeyer, Ali Parsai, Guisher Laghari, Brent van Bladel
UitgeverijCEUR Workshop Proceedings
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StatusPublished - 11 jan 2018
EvenementBElgian-NEtherlands eVOLution seminar 2017 - Antwerpen, Belgium, Antwerpen, Belgium
Duur: 4 dec 20175 dec 2017
Congresnummer: 16

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ConferenceBElgian-NEtherlands eVOLution seminar 2017
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