Updated algorithms for managing frequent gastro-intestinal symptoms in infants

Yvan Vandenplas, Pedro Alarcon

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Regurgitation, constipation, excessive crying/fussiness, infantile colic and gassiness are frequent GI manifestations in young infants and result in numerous visits to paediatricians and in many cases in unnecessary change of formulas. The aim of this study was to offer paediatricians consensus based and simple algorithms for the management of the most frequent GI symptoms in infants. Paediatric gastroenterologists processed practical algorithms to assist general practitioners and general paediatricians. Four such practice recommendations were developed, based on the in 2013 published algorithms after an updated literature review. These algorithms cannot be considered as an 'evidence based guideline'. To date, these algorithms are the result of a consensus based on the available literature and the algorithms published in 2013.
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StatusPublished - 2015


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