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The six hertz (6Hz) refractory seizure model is considered an indispensable chain of the Anticonvulsant Screening Project. We here describe an adapted protocol using the intracerebroventricular (i.c.v.) delivery route, which will allow researchers to perform targetvalidation or proof-of-principle studies using promising compounds with unknown or limited blood-brain barrier permeability (e.g. neuropeptides and peptidomimetics) in this model. Seizures were induced by single application of a current intensity of 49mA to i.c.v.-implanted NMRI mice using an ECT Unit 57800 Ugo Basile stimulator. By applying these key parameters, c-Fos immunohistochemistry revealed the recruitment of the dentate gyrus, ratifying this model as a valuable tool for testing i.c.v. administered compounds against therapy-resistant seizures. This finding was further strengthened, since i.c.v. administration of levetiracetam suppressed 6Hz-evoked seizure severity but sodium phenytoin did not. We also propose to use "seizure duration" as an alternative, accurate parameter to express the results within this model.

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